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Production: ostlicht Filmproduktion

Broadcaster: SWR, arte

Directed by Wolfgang Dinslage

Since the death of her father, Elise (15) has lived alone with her mother Betty (38). As a nurse, Betty saves the lives of others in the intensive care unit, but her own is in tatters. Her search for a new man repeatedly leads to disappointments, which she tries to overcome with alcohol, parties and one-night stands. Betty loses track of her life and the connection to her daughter.

Her mother's behavior forces Elise to grow up quickly. She takes care of the household and keeps an eye on the finances. She hides the circumstances under which she lives with her mother as best she can. When Elise wants to escape from reality, she sits down at the piano and loses herself in the music.

When Betty meets Ludwig, she thinks she has found the ideal partner. He is also a single parent. Ludwig remarks how touchingly Betty takes care of his children, but at the same time neglects her own daughter. Elise reacts suspiciously to Ludwig at first, but slowly opens up to him. In search of closeness and warmth, which her mother often cannot give her, Elise keeps approaching Ludwig.

Betty is in love with Ludwig, but he is not with her. At the same time, the relationship between him and Elise grows ever closer. Suddenly mother and daughter are rivals in the fight for Ludwig's attention.


FESTIVAL DES GERMAN FILM - main prize - won

German Film Award LOLA - pre-nominated - Christina Große

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