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Darek lives with his overwhelmed father and his mentally handicapped sister Ema (8), whom he lovingly takes care of after their mother's death. He suffers from the aggressive Hugo (14), with whom not a day goes by without arguments and fights. Even worse for Darek, however, is Marta (30), who, in his eyes, tries far too hard to look after her father. But there is also the German girl Hanna (15), who smells so wonderfully of oranges and confuses him quite a bit. When the unemployed father takes over horses from his German friend Uli to groom, Darek discovers a new world for himself. He learns to ride horses and takes care of the animals. When he learns that their farm is just a stop on the way to the slaughterhouse, everything collapses for him. In the end, Darek will learn to understand his father and go his own way...



Production:Daniel Severa Prod. (CZ), Kinderfilm GmbH (GER)

Broadcaster: MDR

Directed by Ivan Pokorny

Editor: Michal Hyka, Andreas Baltschun

Theatrical release: 05/30/2019

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