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Production:Wiedemann & Berg

Broadcaster: ARD

Director: Mira Thiel

Marlies Schrey (Nina Petri), the wife of knitwear manufacturer Gerd Schrey (Jörg Schüttauf), is killed in broad daylight in front of the terrace of a popular tourist restaurant - and nobody saw anything. Since Marlies was tied up and gagged, Kira Dorn (Nora Tschirner) and Lessing (Christian Ulmen) assume that the kidnapping was unsuccessful. The suspicion is confirmed when they find a ransom demand of over two million euros in Villa Schrey shortly afterwards. Gerd was also kidnapped, so it's up to his son Maik (Julius Nitschkoff) to raise the money. The Schreys have a kidnap & ransom policy in place that is about to expire. Did Gerd Schrey stage his own kidnapping to save his ailing company? Maik, who is courting his father's favor, is also targeted by the investigators, because Marlies was his stepmother and their relationship was extremely difficult. When one of the kidnappers is also found dead and Maik takes off in Gerd's sports plane to hand over the money, the clues intensify: has the allegedly estranged father-son team hatched a devilish plan?



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