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Production: DreiFilm

Director: Merle Grimme, Felizitas Hoffmann

Germany has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Women have the right to decide whether they want to become mothers or not. However, there is still an expectation in society that women should have children and start a family.


The directors, Merle Grimme and Felizitas Hoffmann (both 27 years old) are asked the question "Do you want to have children?" more and more frequently with increasing intensity. But what does it mean to become a mother? What are the consequences for a woman? Are there negative aspects of motherhood? And what if it turns out that life isn't completely fulfilling?


As in many other countries, motherhood in Germany is still something sacred. This makes it almost impossible to challenge the status quo, for women to be open and honest about what it means to be a mother. In 2015, a debate about “Regretting Motherhood” opened up in Germany. This is the first documentary to address this important debate and provide a platform for women to speak freely and anonymously about their feelings and experiences.

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