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SAND GIRLS is a film about the power of human imagination. A journey into the inner world of Veronika Raila, a young writer and autistic - to where numbers dance, colors ring out and people shine. A look into a wonderfully hidden world and an encounter that opens horizons.

“I only have writing to express myself, writing to express my feelings and thoughts. Writing is my connection to the outside world - if I didn't have this writing, I would be sitting in the depths of a forgotten well." (Veronika Raila)



Production: worklights

Directed by Mark Michel

Editors: Andreas Baltschun, Ed van Megen, Mark Michel


DOK Leipzig - German competition - nominated

DOK Leipzig - prize of the ecumenical youth jury - won

DRK Media Prize - television/film - won

BOSIFEST - Grand Price best film - won

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