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Autumn 1989: Nobody suspects that the last days of a small country are numbered. Especially in tranquil Malkow in the heart of the GDR, everything is going its own socialist way. At least apparently.


Ten-year-old Rike is secretly working with her friends Fabian and Jonathan on a spectacular invention that will change the world, but above all will beam Uncle Mike back from West Berlin to the East. Inspired by their favorite series Spaceship Interspace, they build a teleporter. What the three of them don't suspect: Rike's parents (Yvonne Catterfeld and Maxim Mehmet) are considering "moving over" themselves. And the people's police officer Mauder (Devid Striesow), who is loyal to the line, is already on the trail of the inventive obstructionists.


The situation escalated dramatically when the experiment took an unexpected turn on November 9, 1989: It was not Mike who ended up in Malkow, but the entire village population on the Berlin Wall. Did the children accidentally change the course of history?


Production: Ostlicht & Hamster Film

Channels: MDR, NDR

Director: Markus Dietrich

Editor: Andreas Baltschun, Sebastian Thümler


PRIZE OF THE GERMAN FILM CRITICS- Best Children's Film - won

GERMAN FILM AWARD LOLA - best children's film - nominated


SPUTNIK Offizieller Trailer Deutsch German | 2013 [HD]
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